Support Vector Machines (Part 1)

Posted on Wed 04 September 2019 in ml • Tagged with svm

Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are a versatile classification algorithm that should be a staple in every data scientists toolbox. In this first of a series of posts, my goal is to describe the intuition behind SVMs what makes them such a powerful technique for classification.

Suppose we want to classify …

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Handy commands for manipulating images in Python

Posted on Tue 03 September 2019 in Python • Tagged with images, numpy

In this post I show some handy commands for working with image data in Python. The following packages are useful when working with image data.

Visualising networks in R using atomic plot functions

Posted on Thu 28 September 2017 in misc • Tagged with R, networks, visualisation

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Linear Regression from first principles

Posted on Tue 12 September 2017 in misc • Tagged with machine learning, linear models, R

Derivation of parameter estimates for simple linear regression from first principles

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JOGLE in 106 hours

Posted on Thu 03 November 2016 in misc • Tagged with exercise, JOGLE

On the 16th October 2016, Jon Reilly, myself along with Jon's parents in the support vehicle embarked on an 850 mile cycling mission from the most north-easterly tip of Scotland to the most south-westerly tip of Cornwall known as JOGLE in as little time as possible. This is an account of our adventure

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